Goh Jun Hao

Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

School of Engineering



Empowering Change: Jun Hao's Academic Excellence, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Commitment to Service

My journey as a Biomedical Engineering student at Nanyang Polytechnic has been life-changing. My academic pursuits have consistently mirrored my entrepreneurial ambitions, which have shaped a vision to innovate within the healthcare sector, a field close to my heart.

Working on the development of a Gait Analysis System powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) during my final year project marked a significant milestone. The initiative, aimed to enhance the quality of life for the elderly in care centres and those living alone, sends alerts to caregivers about potential falls of individuals under their charge. Post-graduation, my team and I are exploring ways to roll out this initiative to benefit the larger community.

My role as Club President of the School of Engineering Student Club further honed my leadership skills. I guided my peers through numerous successful events and initiatives to foster a collaborative and innovative environment within the school. This blend of academic excellence and leadership culminated in receiving the NYP STAR Award twice, which acknowledges the contributions, talents and passion of special individuals beyond academics.

Outside my schooling and entrepreneurship, volunteering has been a cornerstone of my personal growth. As an active participant at the Homework Cafe, I offer tuition support to students from lower-income families. Recognising the potential of technology to bridge gaps within the volunteering community, I’m also working on developing an app to create a more connected network for volunteers.

My experiences at NYP have equipped me with a robust foundation. The journey thus far has been a testament to NYP’s strong support in helping me balance between personal growth, academic achievement, and the pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures, all while keeping community service at the heart of my endeavours.

I’ve accepted the offer to study biomedical engineering at the National University of Singapore, post National Service. I’m excited about what the future holds and am confident that NYP has prepared me well for the road ahead.